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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  August 12, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> good evening. i'm jennifer. jeff is off tonight. we have had a day of severe wwather in maryland. vaet as is tracking thosere, storms and sky watch weather center. he has the very latest on what is going on at this minute. >> for the commute to work it was heavy rain and lightning and thunderstorms and now the xhawt home it ooks like we are once again severe weather of central maryland. issue from the national weather service tornado warning for south western carol county, county, south east frederick county and northwestern howard county north central montgomery county until 6:00 p.m. national weather service doppler radar indicated a severe thunderstorm capable of
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producing tornado watch near mount airy. or 8 miles north of damascas south aa 20 miles per hour. folks that are in the line of the storm green va!! valley, damascas, montgomery villaae, and only. this is because we have sean the storms that have been pushing through and recently we had a tornado waaning for carol county that just expired momeets ago before we came back on here. once again frederick county tornado warnings until 6:00 p.m. howard county 6:00 p.m. then also montgomery county until 6:00 p.m. looking at the bigger picture hear we still have a lane of thunderstorms for the north of us. we have to watch another cell coming down out of pennsylvania. thunderstorm warning for baltimore county until 6:15 p.m. then also carol county we have a severe thunderstorm warning until 6:155p.m. down in anddrundle county severe thunnerstorm warning until 6:15 p... and prince geooge county until 6:15 ppm. then of course surrounding areas aaound the dc area and out in
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western maryland. under the watch until 9:00 o'clock tonight with ll the activity that is pushing through the area. getting right to it open the radar here we cap see this very vigorous lane of thunderstorms making its way across the i 70 corridor here heading down to the south, heading ddwn towards la lateville, damascas this is the area we are concerned with as the line of thunderstorms continue to push to the south. alsooin frederick county lacking south of frederick along i 2 70 heavy amounts of rrinfall associated with the storm moving south 25 to 35 miles per hour.i'll adjust this here and we have another look at this move this aa6 c1 3 little bit to the north so we can signed of see heree that line of thunderstormssthat we are really concerned ith with potential of rotation, velocity mode this is on doppler radar looking into the storm. see where there may be some potential rotation. we see a littllebit ought scatter you cannkind of see potential of rotation and looking for the winds going in one direction or another but it is not too strong as what
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we saw just about 20 minutes aao compared to what we saw with the activity. new i'll put this into motion showing lightning. you see the lightning very viiorous heaaing down into damascas and contiine to push down into that area. this cell here over damascas the maan cell we are ccncerned with and continue to gather towards elder berg area and the the front pushes through the area and loo pressure creating a lot of rotaaion in the upper atmosphere.i'll tell you more about the storms in detail in just a bit. >> thanks. >> in mount airy we talked about rate in the middle of this afternoon storm. doug from the fire department there joins us live on thh phone. we spoke with you about a half hour ago when it was coming down in sheets raii was out there. hour things looking righh now. >> well it is still rainiig here and relatively dark but the rain has let up a little bit. a little bit of a degree. >>reporter: what are you seeing in terms of what this storm has done around there? so far we have got flooding
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local flooding here and there. few request by phone from water in the house things like that but nothing of any major consequence at this point. >>reporter: that is certainly good news. we would think if there were certainly any major problems you would have heard about them writ now. once again, the message you want to get out to people in mount airy. >> out on the roads don't run through any large puddle and standing water and if you think you have an issue at your house with something burning or smell smoke, see right away.ure to call us >>reporter: all right doug alexander from the mount airy faii department thanks for bringing us up to date on the conditions out there. one of the areas hit by the storm this afternoon. hour are things looking on the ride home tonight. the storm hiiting at a terrible time. we have the traffic edge report. >> hi jennifer. certainly are hitting at a bad time. in the when heading out. we have a tornado warning in effect for frederick county, montgomery county and howard county as we check in and take a live looo at interstate 70. you will
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see traffic is really going to be jammee along the westbound lanes here at marriesville road backed up to columbia pike to do just bring your patience when traveling in that vicinity and we are dealing wwth very dark skies there as well. if traveling innfrederick and carol county you do want to watch out for quite a bit of flooding and some fallee trees. we have a all right of fallen tree shut down liberty road in frederick and mapleville road and west side of he belt way you ee a lot of raffic out there and it is moving very, very slow. unfortunately. severe thunderstorm warning is in effect making some reduced speeds if traveling in the andarundle county area and as well as the baltimore county area so it is going to be a slow gg tonight. we continue to machinetor the roads for you and all these conditions that are being caused by the storm. that's the traffic em report, now back to you. >> all right lauren thank you very much sky parts of the viewing area under a tornado warning until 6:00 o'clock tonight. v
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>> we have severe eather and tornado spotted less than an hour ago and flooding from early morning thunderstorms. what can we expecttnext? vaet as is trackkng the storms all afternnon. we have the latest details, vytas. >> yes jennifer. very actiie
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weather pattern in the evening hours. we started out with a noises sttrt to the day and tornado warnings still inwith place over parts of central maryland. rate now we look at the tornado warning in frederick county until 6:00 p.m. also we are looking at a tornado warning in montgomery county to 6:00 o'clock and still dealing with the activity out there and howard county and also we have montgomery county still 6:00 o'clock. severe thunderstorm warnings in baltimore county until 6:15 and then also carol úin andarundle county the severe thunderstorm warping until 6:15. we have also atmosphere is volatile to help fire off a lot of activity. main threat hhading south of i 70 as we take another image. take a look at some oo the thunderstorms on hd level radar we look right that tte clouds with the doppler radar showing where the heaviest
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amount of thunderstorm activist as it makes its way north of germanntown, 2 70 out far as the concerns with carol county and then also frederick county starting to head out of frederick county that is good news. radar indicated possibility of tornado activity and that is down in parts of montggmery county. howard county you folks are on the very northeast fringe of this. good news is i think most of this activist over into montgomery county as we look at the closely. folks inn% real concern with this arean. heee there was a lot of activity with this cell here as it ad wrapping around in it. also there was some activity that was over in parts of southern frederick -úcounty in this region here that we are concerned with with potential of severe weather there. looking at this in another look going into velocity mode this mode here ii indicating a radar image that we are looking at,
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aa, looking through the storm and green indicating one direction of wind, when you get red and pink indicating another indication. we lack at the back edge of the storm heee so we are seeing agent bit of downward rear flaking down burst open this that means on the back edge of the thunderstorm you get the outflow that is usually associattd with that. we can kind of follow the storm ver where the real concern was lack ing into parts of southern frederick county and then also into parts of montgomery county. you see how the wind direction is going one direction here. red indicating and green going another ddrection. usuully in between that you have wind one direction wind another direction and rotation. so that is what is called the signatureewhen they issue that possibility of a tornado oo text signatuue. that means thattthere is that rotatton úotentially with the stoom. so that's what we had to keep an eye on as the storm moves to the south. main threat are folks are continuing to head down to in the rockville area. talk about red land. rockville and aspen hill. the
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%-with. that back here inatch baltimore looking at what is happpning here we also have still activity that we have to kind of keep an eye outtfor to still activity along i 83 pushing north. folks in townsend at i-95ed up to aberdeen still pretty active downpour of rain and lightning then we get north oo cockiesville we look at heavv downpour here from this krill cell. not too severe but firing off somm liggtning and thunder and could get sttonger as there is more instability in the atmosphere so we definitely have to watch that very coastally. lightning data this is in the last hour. look at the document. 2320 strikes of lightning with northerr portion of carol frederick county. it's losing a little bbt of strength which atmosphere very volatile to help fire off all the lightning that ww saw earlier
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today especially for our morning commute. looking at the lane. lack at the one cell how ii fairs off and goes a different direction. that was the cell that converged and potential rotation here and had a mind of its own. rogue cell ran in the lean of storms ann converge and continue to head down to the south and watching that push down to the south ttat is good news. detailed look at the forecast and talk about aa% quieter weather patterr, quieter weather pattern for the weekend coming up in just a bit. jennifer. >> that is good news. thank you vytas gentleman you can track severe weather like we have had today using fox 45% powerful doppler radar. i -úradar now available at fox you can use our interactive toolssby going to our webbsite and slash i radar. of course the day started out with wild weather. thunderstorms and roared through the baltimore regioo. dumped a lot of rain and caused a lot of havoc for morning commuters. cavity lean live in north baltimore with more on the crazy weaaher day. kathleen.
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ú> you are right. it is crazy. at 4:30 i was out here standing in the sunshine. now an hour later look at this. the rain is coming down. we are hearing thunder and the -úroads are wet again. mean while a violent thunderstorm affected commuters early this úorning. >>reporter: rain coming from the sky. arly morning storm hits baltimore. and when it ssoppee, the real trouble starts. for morning coomuters. but even with the roads like rivers and cars like boatt, it can't stop some. >> these 2 are in living class rooms. part of the bay buddies and i guess we got really close to the bay today. >>reporter: with water still rising. they escort 2 disabled students jt and corey to school.
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>>reporter: they brave the water. the oohhrs tackle the cleanup. >> just a little furthee up i see some of our staff ouuside waiting. >>reporter: s in fells point. >> looks like the inner harbor. >> look corey. >>repprter: his mom is used to dealing with obstacle and takes it in stride. weeare singing in the rain. about. >>reporter: this is a live look at 41st street where traffic is moving. roads are wet. the rain is beginning to come down here and we are hearing thunder. we know that the thunder has been out there foo about 100minutes now. i have been heaaing thunder. i have not seen a lightning strike but the conditions hhve gotten a lot worse in the past hour. back to you. >> thank you for bringing us up to date on conditions in and out north baltimore. >> the viewers sent us pictures of what the neighbbrhoods look like after the sttrm this morning. michelle sent us this picture of norrh charles streechht you
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can see it was entirely under water. this is wolf and washington street. timothy sent us this picture. water is up to the the doors of the cars parked on the street this mornnng. eel when you see news happening in your storms we are dealing with right now, we want you to see directly from the cell phone pick at fox -ú p you can keep laughing but i finished my answerr >> finish your answer. >> a war of words for the city state attorney office. thh o7ó?wow
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-ú>> woman is dead after a house fire in wood lawn. first responders found the woman inside the front door of this home on guard side drive. name not released yet. it was a smaller fire mostly contained inside the house. they are still investigating the cause of the fire. man is found dead in a dumpster at a downtown high-rise. workers found the body this morning in one of the trash bins at tte park charles building on north charles street. police say
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that body came down the trrsh chute and went through the compacter. for now they don't know whether someone killed the man or if his death was accidental. park charlee 26 -ústory apartment building with office space on the first 2 floors. well the 2 candidate vying to becomm city state attorney faced off this afternoon at a radio station in baltimore. crime justice reporter was this for the fireworks. joy? >>reporter: jennnfer, this is patricia and her challengerent greg have debated. now during the hour long debate this afternoon they made their points and they also took some jabs. >> it is very interesting because he continues to lie. stooin stein a liar at least three times during the hour long debate at the studio. the opponent callee her ineffective. in getting dangerous criminals off the street and keeping them there. he also pointed to the lack
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of cooperatioo that is llng existed between the prosecutor's ffice and police. >> i don't know hhw you can possibly have a good relltionship with a police commissioner when you don't even bother to meet with him. done even walk across the street to see him in his office except to deliver some silly letter about conducting an independent investiggtion. >> working with mayor sheila dixon i thought that relationship was outstanding. my relationship with ccmmissioner beall field did not change until this campaign began and i found that very troubling. >>reporter: also repeatedly insinuated that bernstein didn't have a clue as to how her office conducts business. the much more from this debate tonighttat 10:00. this is
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through parts f central
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>> welcome back. i'm kristen. the ravens kick off the pre-season schedule tonight at the bank stadium against the -úcarolina panthers after nearly 3 weekssof 2 a day practice in the heat at the college the ravens have to be anxious to face someone not wearing purple ann black. pre-season is a tame for players to impress coaches and hopefully make the team and get some starters get some rest before the regular season begins. but accooding to john haabaugh also a chhnce to establish the winning ways. >> you can lose all 4 pre-season and win a superbowl. we would rather win. rather get the feelinn of winning so we'll tty to win them all. that's our goal f.we don't win then obviously
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trry to win on thursday night ann try to win them all. >>reporter: open the injury front ravens corner back fox worth had successful surgery on tuesday to repair a torn acl in the right knee. you might remember he uffered freak injuuy back on july 29 during a teak walk through. operation was performed by famed sports surgeon dr. james andrews down in birmingham. fox worth is to make a full recovery by end of training camp. >> update on the ravens game and orioles try the complete the sweep against the indian and win the fifth straight ggae. all coming up at 10:50 on sports unlimited. back to you. >> thank you kristen gentleman of course we continue to update you on very exciting afternoon weather wise. we course the ddy that begaa with bad weather. vytas is back once again for the very latest. >> all together a really active weather day. a lot of energg to work with out there
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and look at the sky cam inner harbor very hazy. weehave more of the same thunderstorm activity to the north and to the west of the cityyand we still have active warnings and watches across and and a warning+++
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